Phd Awards

Recipients of Doctor of Philosophy degrees (PhD)
Name                 Last year      Doctorate Area of Study        Year of        University
                     at MBSC                                        Award

John Woinarski         1972         PhD   Zoology                    1985          Monash
Kaye Brown             1973         PhD   Health Services            2003          Deakin
Michelle Chamberlain   1975         PhD   Educational Development    2005          Melbourne
Martin Sevior          1977         PhD   Physics                    1985          Melbourne
Sally Henderson        1982         PhD   Agriculture                1992          A.N.U.
Trudy Higginson        1983         PhD   Botany                     2003          Latrobe
Joanne Ireland         1986         PhD   Chemistry                  1996          Monash
Natasha Campo          1997         PhD   Feminist Studies           2007          Latrobe
Kathryn Bormann	       1997         PhD   Climate Science            2013          UNSW
Bethany Cooper	       2001         PhD   Environment                2011          Latrobe
Many thanks to Ron White for researching the above information. Any community member with additional information on this topic, or similar achievements of past students, can contact the school on 0357544005.