Downhill Program

This year’s downhill program will be five full days at Falls Creek on alternating Mondays and Wednesdays in term 3. This helps ensure students don’t miss out on too many periods from a particular subject.

The 2014 Downhill Crew

For each of the five downhill days students can participate in either skiing or snowboarding. Students can choose to specialise in one discipline or sample a range of the two. However it is worth noting that optimum enjoyment and skill development is best achieved through a number of consecutive days of the same discipline. The ski program has a heavy emphasis on skill development with all students receiving a ski school lesson on each day of the program. We thank the Falls Creek ski school for their continued support of our program.


Schedule for each ski day

  • The night before a ski day or on the morning of a ski day – students/parents pick up hired skis from the ski hire and bring them to school on the ski day.

  • Before School (7:00-7:30) - Skiing is a winter sport so ski days will only be cancelled when lifts are on wind hold or fog prevents safe visibility. Students should be prepared for all weather conditions (see clothing list below). An SMS will be sent out at 7:00 AM if a day is cancelled and the Facebook Group MBSC SKI PROGRAM will be updated as appropriate. Please search for and join this facebook group for updates.

  • 8.45am– students need to be on the bus, ready to go by 8.45 a.m.

  • 9:45am – arrive at Falls Creek – go into Windy Corner, put on ski gear, get into groups and out onto the snow. Students ski in groups of approximately 8 with a staff member and buddy up with a partner they are to keep in sight of at all times. The groups are based on ability and can be a mix of skiers and snowboarders. Students must have their skis with them on the bus. There will be no stopping at the race squad, lodges or anywhere else to pick up skis! This only holds up the rest of the group. First Time Snowboarders will have an extra 1.5 hour lesson on the first day with the Falls Creek Ski School.

  • 12:30pm – Lunch time – students will need to bring a cut lunch on the day and a drink. Everyone has lunch at Windy Corner. NO EXCEPTIONS.

  • 1:00pm – Students leave Windy Corner for Ski Lesson for 2 hours with Falls Creek Ski School in ability groups. Skiers and snowboarders are in separate groups.

  • 3.30p.m. – Meet back at the student meeting area, then make way back to Windy Corner for the bus home.

  • Approx 5:00pm – Arrive Mt Beauty Secondary College – Parents will need to promptly pick up students from school. Alpine road travel times can vary. Safety is the priority.

  • After the ski day – Students/Parents will be responsible for returning the hired ski gear to the hire shops.