Cross Country Program

Mount Beauty Secondary College has a proud history associated with cross country skiing with several past students continuing on to become winter Olympians including Phil Bellingham and Esther Bottomley in the 2014 Sochi Olympics.

In addition to the downhill program, the College also offers a cross country ski program with an emphasis on skill development and fun exploring the Alps. If you are into the outdoors, perhaps enjoy cross country mountain biking and want to get fit with a group of mates this is the program for you! We will also cater for students who wish to use classic skis. The program usually runs during Sport Ed periods to reduce the number of academic classes that students may miss. Students in the cross country program will be encouraged to participate in the Joey Hoppett and Australian Secondary Ski Team Championships.


Students can participate in both downhill and cross country programs if they wish.


The cross country program remains flexible regarding dates to make the most of good snow and weather conditions. A list of the proposed dates are included. If it is a great season, additional days may be included. Students may also request to skip some days if they have school commitments.



Possible Dates (snow and weather dependent).



Term 2 Week 11:

Wednesday 24th June (snow dependent)

Term 3:  Week 2

Wednesday 22nd July

Term 3: Week 3

Thursday 30th July

Term 3: Week 5

Thursday 13th August

Term 3: Week 6


Wednesday 19th August


Saturday August 22nd   Joey Hoppet. All students will be encouraged to participate

Term 3: Backup

Thursday 27th August



Schedule for the day

8:50am students arrive at school with school books and ski gear ready to go. Staff at the College Nordic Ski Centre will have their equipment ready to go. Attend classes period 1-4


12:50pm– students quickly get changed and grab their lunch. Staff at the College Nordic Ski Centre will have their equipment ready to go.

1:00pm – Depart for Falls Creek in staff vehicles, driven by staff with extensive experience in driving to Falls Creek.

1:45pm– Arrive Windy Corner ready to ski. The program will be flexible with so a mixture of skill development and coaching, on snow games, fun races and exploring the resort and High Plains.

Students may be skiing outside the resort boundary (over the dam wall) with appropriate supervision and around some of Rocky Valley Lake.


4:15pm – Depart Windy Corner

5:00pm – Arrive Mt Beauty Secondary College – Parents will need to promptly pick up students from school. Travel times vary on alpine roads. Safety is the priority.

What to Bring

Skiing is a winter sport so ski days will only be cancelled when lifts are fog prevents safe visibility or it is raining. Students should be prepared for all weather conditions including strong wind, rain and snow. They must also be prepared for changing conditions throughout the day.

Cross Country Skiing involves expending large amounts of energy and you get hot very quickly. You also can get cold very quickly when you stop. Therefore, the best clothing to wear skiing is thin layers that can be added or removed as necessary.

  • Windproof and waterproof coat
  • Windproof and waterproof overpants
  • Thermal top or singlet
  • Thermal pants, leggings or panty hose
  • Long sleeved top
  • Woollen or synthetic jumper – not cotton.
  • Gloves (spare gloves if it is a wet day)
  • Snow goggles (sunglasses are of little use when it is snowing but are better in sunny weather) – compulsory due to snow blindness
  • Sunscreen / lip balm
  • Water / drink container. – about one litre
  • Nibbles to eat on to keep up energy levels
  • Dry shoes, socks and a spare jumper for the trip home.
  • Cut lunch to save costs– food is available at the Windy Corner Canteen although they occasionally run out.