Mount Beauty Secondary College School Council approves the school’s parent payment charges annually.

Please find below the essential student learning items (those items needed for school) and optional items (that you can choose whether your child participates in or accesses) for your child’s education program, as well the booklist for their year level.

Mount Beauty Secondary College makes every effort to keep the cost and number of items that need to be purchased to a minimum.

The Education and Training Reform Act (2006) provides free instruction of the standard curriculum program to all students in government schools. The Act also empowers school councils to charge fees for goods and services provided by the school to a child.

Victorian government schools must teach the standard curriculum to all students for free. Each school receives funding from the government to teach the standard curriculum. This funding pays for:

  • staff to do the teaching and run the school
  • the buildings and facilities
  • extra support for children with a disability

Items that are essential to help your child learn the standard curriculum are expected to be finalised by the end of Term 1. You can choose to provide some items yourself. Please check with Mount Beauty Secondary College first to make sure the item is correct.

The three different categories schools can request parent payments for include:

Essential Items:

  • text books and stationery that your child borrows from the school or keeps
  • materials used where your child keeps the final product. For example, wood used in a woodworking class.
  • school uniform
  • excursions or work placements that all students must attend.

Optional Items: activities or services that are offered in addition to, or support instruction in, the standard curriculum program. These are provided on a user-pays basis so that if parents choose to access them for students, they are required to pay for them.

Voluntary Financial Contributions: parents can be invited to donate to the school for a general or specific purpose.

Please note: additional school charges may arise during the year for camps and excursions that support the curriculum within your child’s education program.

Student booklist items (text and stationery) are organised by Tawonga South Newsagency and Post Office.
Booklist items are to be ordered via their online store www.mbscbooklists.com during the advised time frame.
If you are unable to order online, please visit Tawonga South Newsagency and Post Office.


2021 Fees and Booklist Downloads