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Secondary College
The Mountain Ear        
Term 3 Issue 30 – September 16th, 2005
Mr. Warwick Matthews
03 5754 4005  
03 5754 4852
Ma Baker’s Tonic – what an outstanding success! Congratulations are due to the Middle School and VCE
Drama classes for their enthusiasm, dedication and professionalism in rehearsing and presenting our stage
production for 2005. No production can take place of course without producers and Cathy Gunn and LeAnne
McCraw are also to be congratulated on their considerable efforts.  It was very pleasing to see a high level of
community support for the two nights – hopefully setting the stage for many more!
Parent – teacher interviews were also well attended earlier this week with many parents taking the
opportunity to talk to teachers about progress to date and future improvement. Parents who could not make
the night may personally pick up the written interim reports from the General Office, or send a note in.
The VCE Course Information Evening will be held on the second Wednesday back, October 12th, at 7:30 pm
in room 9. Current Year 10 and 11 students and their parents are strongly encouraged to attend, with course
selection advice and VCE procedures being available ‘ straight from the horse’s mouth”!
Cast members of Ma Baker’s Tonic