The Mountain Ear
    Term 4 Issue 31    October 31st 2003
Our year 12 students have officially finished classes for the year, though many students are choosing to be at the College receiving last-minute assistance from their teachers, or else simply using the quiet working environment to revise and prepare for their exams which began today. We wish all our year 12’s the very best wishes during this difficult period.
Our Middle School Parent Information Evening was a great success on Tuesday. We were delighted at the extremely high attendance rate, which forced us to open the dividing doors and to add extra chairs in room 10. Well done to our curriculum coordinator, Jodee Betheras, and to her volunteer staff helpers, and thanks to all those students and parents who took this opportunity to participate in the course planning so necessary for student success. Any parents feeling they need further assistance with the selection process are urged to contact Jodee at the College.

Ray Waller,  Principal


Any year 12 student considering Tertiary Education should apply for the Jesse Hollonds Scholarship. This scholarship is awarded to Mt Beauty Secondary School students in 2003. Eight scholarships will be awarded. Each scholarship for $825 is to assist MBSC students commencing Tertiary Studies. Applications need to be in to the General Office by 21st November.

Fri  31 Oct	- Year 12 exams commence
Thur 13-17 Nov  - Year 11 exams commence
Tue  18 Nov	- Orientation for 2004 Year 12
Wed  19 Nov	- Year 12 Graduation Evening
Wed  19-21 Nov  - Year 11 Melbourne Trip
Fri  21 Nov	- End of classes - Year 11
Mon  24-27 Nov  - Year 8/9 Beach Camp
Mon   1- 5 Dec	- Band Week
Tue   2 Dec	- Year 7 Orientation
Thur  4 Dec	- End of classes - Year 10
Fri   5 Dec	- No students required at school
		  Report Writing
Fri   5 Dec	- End of Year Music Concert
Mon   8-16 Dec  - End of Year Program
Wed  10-12 Dec  - VYDP Camp
Mon  15 Dec	- Presentation event
Wed  17 Dec	- School Picnic- Reports issued


Year 12’s showing the Staff how to play softball!


Unit Name                                        Task and Due Date
EN08 year 8	          Spelling and short story write up
EN09 Year9	          wide reading & various books	
EN10 Year10	          wide reading & various books
LOTE  Year 7	          Vocab. Lists for 5 mins, 3 nights per week, tested weekly
LO01  Continuing Indo.	  Vocab. Lists for 5 mins, 3 nights per week, tested weekly
LO03  Intermediate Indo.  Vocab. Lists for 5 mins, 3 nights per week, tested weekly
LO05  Advanced Indo.	  Vocab. Lists for 5 mins, 3 nights per week, tested weekly
MA Years 7-10  Maths	  Weekly Mathsmate sheet due each Friday
SC09 Physical Science	  Elements                 27/10
SC10 Chemical Change	  Homework sheet           27/10
SC15 Simple Machines	  Gears Assignment          5/11
SC22 Forensic Science	  Collecting evidence      24/10
SE Yr 7 SOSE	          50 Questions Quiz         5/11
TF02 Around the World	  Street Foods             29/10
SC25 Under the Microscope Magnicication Assignmnet  7/11




On Tuesday Ruth from Albury Wheelchair Sports came to our school to teach us how to play wheelchair basketball. The lesson started off with Ruth putting us into groups and then asking us to do some drills. We had to race up the basketball court forwards then on the way back, backwards. (This was pretty funny to watch). Then she divided the girls into two groups and away we went. It was a pretty uneven game with the red team taking out the green team very easily. Then it was the boys turn. The boys got a bit aggressive and it was a close game, but yellow won narrowly. We all got a go in a wheelchair and all had a really, really good time. We all came to school the next day with sore shoulders though. It just goes to show how lucky we are. Ruth said ‘the best thing she saw was when we got out of the chairs’, not because we were bad, but because we were able to! In the end we all had a great time and asked her to come back.


Special offer for students doing exams!
Need to relax?
Alpine Massage is offering a special student rate of $27.50 for half an hour massage.
	 Alpine Massage and Health, 
	 5 Hollonds St,
	 Mt Beauty
Phone 57 541477 for appointments.




Saturday 1st November
9.00am - 1.00pm
Held in the Community Centre gardens.
For stalls phone Bev on  57 544097
All Welcome!


Help install NEW walking track signs and seating around Lake Guy in Bogong Village.
When: Saturday 15th November 9am - 12.00
Meet at Bogong Outdoor Education Centre, Bogong Village.
Please Bring: Sunhat, sunscreen, sunglasses, garden gloves, boots, water to drink and old clothes.
Also, if you have a shovel, mattick, crowbar or wheelbarrow.
Drinks and lunch provided afterwards.
Please phone 0438 002 416 ASAP if interested.


Local band ‘Short Cirkut’ has been accepted to play in the Summer Jam 2003 battle of the bands in Albury on November 1st.
A bus will be leaving from the Mt Beauty Youth Office on Saturday Afternoon for those who want to support our local band and enjoy this Summer Jam music treat. More details coming soon.


Mr Valente celebrating the final school day of Year 12’s with their balloons!


Annual Concert: Saturday 8th November
Time: 7.15pm at Mt Beauty Community Centre
Ticket sales: at Tawonga South Store.
(For club families only)
Monday 27th Oct 4-6pm
Tuesday 28th Oct 4-5.30pm
(for general public)
From Wednesday 29th Oct.
Tickets: adults $10 seniors $5 children $5


Whirlpool chest freezer 610 x 960cm $100
Coffee Table - Dark stain 1 metre round. Turned centre. $100
Trumpet - Boosey & Hawkes. Including case and books $400
Phone Gina on 57 541190