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Homework is a weekly or fortnightly task. Students are expected to hand in homework on the due date. Unsubmitted
homework, after one period’s grace, will result in detention until the work is completed. It is a student’s responsibility
to collect homework if you have been absent. You can ask your teacher for the task. 
Year 7 –
English Rules worksheets
Maths Mate Sheets
Indonesian vocab words
TF7 Weekly evaluation
Year 8 – 9
English Rules worksheets
Maths Mate Sheet
Indonesian vocab words
Food Evaluation
Year 9  & 10
English Journals, reading
Maths Mate Sheet
Indonesian vocab words
Food Evaluation
DA03 Journals after each dance style
VC06 Design tasks 1 per 3 weeks
Thur 18th Nov              -
VCE Graduation
Fri 19th – 23rd Nov
Yr 11 Exams 
Mon 22 -26/11            -
Rubicon Camp
Wed 24-26/11             -
Year 11 Melb Exc
Fri 26th Nov
Yr 9 Buddy Day
(See change of date below)
Mon 29/11-3/12          -
Band Week
Thur 2nd Dec
Band Concert
Fri 3rd Dec
Last day Yr 10’s
Fri 3rd Dec
Yr 9 Buddy Day
Mon 6-10 Dec             -
Activities Week
Tue 7th Dec                 -
Orientation Day Gr
Wed 8-10 Dec             -
CFA Camp 
Mon 13th Dec              -
Presentation Evening 
Tue 14th Dec               -
Picnic Day &
Last day of year for students. Finish 3.30pm                                       
2011 dates:
Staff return Tuesday 01/02/2011
Students return Friday 04/02/2011
Dear Parents, 
The end of the year is a busy time for all students
and it’s important that they get all of their work
handed in. Some students are requesting help after
school and free tutoring is available on
Wednesdays, in Room 2, until 5pm. This little bit
of extra help can assist students in performing
more successfully on tests and in class work
activities. If students intend to come they should
let me know Wednesdays mornings so that I can
prepare some suitable activities for them.
Buddy Day has been changed to Friday 3rd
December.(Previously advertised as Nov 19th )This
is the day that our Year 9 students are paired with
a Grade 6 student for the day and participate in 3
team building or initiative activities  at Bogong
Outdoor Education Centre. Parents are welcome to
help out for the day, please give us a call at school
if you have the time.
Orientation day for Grade 6 students then follows
on Tuesday 7th December.
Thank you                                       
Rhonda Gargan