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Secondary College
The Mountain Ear        
Term 4 Issue 34 –  November 5th, 2010
Principal:  Mr. Warwick Matthews
Phone:       03 5754 4005
Facsimile: 03 5754 4852
The school is hosting the ‘Whatever’ parenting adolescents program which starts next Tuesday 9th November
at 6:30pm in the Library for two hours. The program covers the challenges of raising teenagers by giving
parents tips on communicating and connecting with their teenage children, problem solving and managing
risk-taking behaviour, as well as giving an understanding of the underlying brain development that occurs in
the teenage years. The cost is $20 for the four weekly sessions and bookings need to be made through Maria
Hutchings on 02 60228888 or 0447507587.
Our Year 12 students are well into their end-of-year exams. Further Maths, Maths Methods, Psychology,
Accounting and Health have been scheduled for this week, in the Vocational Education Centre at the rear of
the school. I would ask all students, parents and community members to avoid that part of the school, or if
this is not possible, to be very quiet when exams are on. 
The school has a vacancy next year for a Home Economics Aide. The position is on-going and at a 0.3 time
fraction, which corresponds to 11.4 hours of work a week, over two or three days. The Aide assists with food
preparation, assists students in class and maintains the kitchen in a clean state. Please contact Susan Plum at
the school if you are interested in this position for 2011.
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