The Mountain Ear
    Term 4 Issue 34   November 21st 2003
A graduation dinner was held at the Bogong Hotel on Wednesday evening to farewell our year 12 students. Families and College staff joined together to celebrate the end of six years of secondary education for the students. The evening was greatly enjoyed, particularly the granting of awards to individual students. We now wait nervously for exam results.

Year 11 exams finished this week and year 11 students are now enjoying their excursion to Melbourne. We look forward to a report on the excursion in next week’s newsletter.

Booklists and courses of study for next year were issued to students on Wednesday. Parents are asked to indicate on the booklist those items they wish to purchase, and to return the completed booklist to the College General Office no later than next Thursday, 27th November. Meeting this deadline is crucial, as after that date families will have to obtain required items for themselves.

Please note that the cost of the Maths Mate listed in the booklist for years 8, 9 and 10 should be $12.80.

Families requiring assistance completing the booklist are invited to contact the General Office.

Ray Waller,  Principal


Fri  21 Nov	- End of classes - Year 11
Mon  24-27 Nov  - Year 8/9 Beach Camp
Mon   1- 5 Dec	- Band Week
Tue   2 Dec	- Year 7 Orientation
Thur  4 Dec	- End of classes - Year 10
Fri   5 Dec	- No students required at school
		  Report Writing
Fri   5 Dec	- End of Year Music Concert
Mon   8-16 Dec  - End of Year Program
Wed  10-12 Dec  - VYDP Camp
Mon  15 Dec	- Presentation event
Wed  17 Dec	- School Picnic- Reports issued


Each year at the Graduation Night the Caltex Award is presented to a year 12 student judged to be the school’s best “all rounder”; this means achieving strong results academically, participating in a wide variety of sporting events and contributing to community programs. This year the award was won by Melinda Stewart. Congratulations Mindy!


Unit Name                                        Task and Due Date
EN08 year 8	          Spelling and short story write up
EN09 Year9	          wide reading & various books	
EN10 Year10	          wide reading & various books
LOTE  Year 7	          Vocab. Lists for 5 mins, 3 nights per week, tested weekly
LO01  Continuing Indo.	  Vocab. Lists for 5 mins, 3 nights per week, tested weekly
LO03  Intermediate Indo.  Vocab. Lists for 5 mins, 3 nights per week, tested weekly
LO05  Advanced Indo.	  Vocab. Lists for 5 mins, 3 nights per week, tested weekly
MA Years 7-10  Maths	  Weekly Mathsmate sheet due each Friday
SC10 Chemical Change	  Homework sheet 3   25/11
DR01 Into Scripts         End of year program
AT26 Intro. to sculpture  Crossswords 1,2 & 3   21/11
AT28 Intro. to ceramics	  Newspaper article  21/11
Yr7Art                    Ceramics, Art in Newspapers,  21/11
Yr7Art                    Signwriting  28/11


There will be a band information night on Tuesday, December 2nd at 7.30pm in the main building of the Secondary College for all students wishing to join Mt Beauty’s own award winning band program in 2004.
Any student from Grade 4 onwards that intends completing their secondary schooling at Mt Beauty Secondary College is eligable to join.
At the evening a complete explanation will be given about how the band program works, how to choose the right instrument for your child, and any other relevent details. Attendance at this evening is compulsory should you wish your child to be a part of this program in 2004.
Several musicians from Melbourne will be in attendance who will be able to provide specialit advice on selecting the correct instrument. A representative from the instrument hire company “Musicorp” will also be in attendance to answer any questions that you may have on procurring an instrument.
Please give your child’s involvement in this program serious consideration, as this is a fantastic activity for your child to be involved in. The band program now in its seventeenth year, gives students an opportunity to learn musical and social skills in a team environment that is second to none.
Mark Poland.


Grade 6 students enjoying the band!



Delicious Summer recipes perfect for hot summer days. Each recipe book has over 60 sensational recipes. It it brought to you by YUM - a business made up from year 9 students attending school.

A recipe book will cost $6.00 with all profits going to the Make A Wish Foundation.

To place an order ring the College on 57 544005


Mt Beauty Secondary School student Sally Flower is presently attending a school in France. Sally is staying with friends and attending a French school for the term before joining up with the rest of her family when they come to visit in December. This is an email to the school from Sally;

French School life.
by Sally Flower.

Ok the main difference in a French school for example ‘Collège Bel Avel’ in Carhaix (the one I am going to at the moment) is the way we greet each other every morning.

I started my first day at the college at 8am in the morning, in the dark, cold and damp and was feeling a little nervous by the 100 or so students speaking French around me. Before I even got in the school a boy, who I later found out was in my class, leant over and said ‘bonjour, je suis Demain’ and kissed me on the cheek! Before I came to my senses he was then followed by another 4 boys and about 5 girls. Once inside the school there were more bonjours, kisses and a lots of ‘une Australian, wah’.

My first class was Français, and the teacher thought I spoke a lot of French and the kids had to stop him from rabbiting on to me. The music, phsique and maths teacher all took his lead by asking lots of questions so by lunch time the whole class knew a lot about ‘skippy’ as they like to call me.

We have 4 hour classes in the morning with a 10min break at half time, then an hour and a half lunch which you have the option to go home or stay at school. There also aren’t really any bounderies so most of the students just hang around a 1km radius from the school and enjoy the French smoking rules. We then have 3 more one hour classes after lunch, except for Wednesdays when everyone finishes at 12pm. Its nearly always cold and wet or windy and we are not allowed in the school at break times so everyone wears big coats. For example it was 0° when I left for school this morning and our music room is near the end of the school so it was a bit chilly.

There are no lockers so we carry our bags to each room. But each class is given one room and the teachers comes to us, execpt for science, music and sport, therefore all my classes are with the same students. I’m in 3eme (3rd) which is equal to year 9, but the class has only just started this year because the year starts in September. This is the last year for them in this school (years 6-9), next year they go to the last school which is years 10-12.

Overall I’m enjoying a different life with different people that love koalas, eat lots of chocolate and drink their coffees from a bowl.
Salut, à bientot.


This week the school has been swarmed by an army of cicadas, everywhere you look there are either shells or live cicadas. If you walk out of the corridor you are deafened by the piercing sound of cicadas. But they are more than loud annoying insects they are part of the insect order Homoptera and have an amazing life cycle. The breeding cycle begins whan huge numbers of adult cicadas emerge in the spring. They mate within a week, and a few days later, the female lays her eggs. She drills into the wood of trees, inserts up to some 400-to-600 eggs. These eggs hatch up after two to six weeks. The little babies make their way down to the ground (by crawling down, or just dropping), dig their way into the soil with their claws and begin the next phase of their life, feeding on the roots of shrubs and trees for the next 16 years. The cicadas are almost fully grown into nymphs by 8 years, but they continue to feed underground until the 17th year when they come out of the soil, attach themselves to any nearby tree or post. Their shell splits open, the adults emerge and live only for a few weeks before dying. Cicadas are notorious singers. The song is a mating call produced by the males only. Each species has its own distinctive call and only attracts females of its own kind even though rather similar species may co-exist.
by Heather and Rebecca, Year 9 English




For current list of apprenticeships and traineeships available in the Albury/Wodonga region, please see the Careers room window.


The following books will be used again in 2004 so can be purchased secondhand.
Year 12	No Great Mischief
	Insight Outcomes
Year 11	Henry Lawson’s Short Stories
	Only the Heart
Year 10	The Gathering
Year 9	Deadly Unna
	The Blue Feather
Year 8	Foxspell
Year 7	Boy
	A Bridge to Wiseman’s Cove.
Students must make individual arrangements as the College does not operate a secondhand book stall.
Ellen Sadler


The Secondary Collge will hold the annual Presentation Evening on Monday 15th December at the Community Centre from 7.00pm - 8.30pm.


Above ground swimming pool with pump and filter. 20ft x 12ft. $500.00
Phone Col Clewett on 0409 990 047


Hungarian Viszla pups. 9 weeks old. Pedigree
$600 each.
Phone 03 57 541 298 or 0418 275 080


Year 8 English Text - Gilbert’s Ghost Train  $10
Year 9 - Deadly Unna $10
Year 9 Maths link  - $30
Year 10 English Texts - Tyro, The Gathering
Year 10 Maths link 
Please contact Serena Sommerville
57 544 385


The National Mountain Bike Championships were recently held in Mt Beauty with the following past and present students performing well -
Elite	- 	2nd Joel Panozzo
U19	-	36th Sam Furphy
U17	-	1st Liam Panozzo
		4th Chris Panozzo
U15	-	5th Luke Potter

Elite	-	14th Daniel VDP (5th U23)
U17	-	5th Neil VDP
U15	-	3rd Paul VDP
Congratulations to these competitiors and also to Mary and Keith Pike and Team Mt Beauty, on the brilliant job they did in organising the race.