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Secondary College
The Mountain Ear        
Term 2 Issue 17 – June 6th, 2008
Principal:        Mr. Warwick Matthews
Phone:             03 5754 4005  
Facsimile:       03 5754 4852
The staff were very busy on Tuesday afternoon with four different workshops being attended. These covered
a range of ICT and Maths areas including Interactive Whiteboards, using graphical calculators in Years 7-10,
using CAS (computer algebra systems) calculators in Years 11 and 12 and using OCR (optical character
recognition) to convert documents into Word files.  In the morning the Primary and Secondary Principals
were addressed by Peter Fox – Peter is a consultant for Texas Instruments and is heavily involved in the
development of calculator based curriculum in Mathematics in Australia and New Zealand.  Peter also ran the
graphical calculator workshops in the afternoon and introduced staff to the latest Internet based Maths
software for students in primary and lower secondary school.  These workshops were the first professional
development initiatives in our ASISTM project to improve Mathematics teaching in our schools.
Year 11 exams started this week and will continue into next week, with Year 12 exams and the GAT
(General Achievement Test) following soon after.  Students are expected to follow strict exam procedures
and they should be busily revising each subject at home. Making summaries of their notes and of textbook
chapters is an ideal memory booster and of course practising problems or written exercises as appropriate is
very beneficial. Of course nothing beats a good night’s sleep for good working memory the next day! 
Predatory Plants 
Year 8 and 9 Art