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Secondary College
The Mountain Ear        
Term 3 Issue 20 – July 17th, 2009
Principal:  Mr. Warwick Matthews
Phone:       03 5754 4005
Facsimile: 03 5754 4852
Welcome back to Term 3.
The weather in our first week back has had
something for everyone with
snow, quite a bit of rain and some sunny
days as well. Our ski program starts this week with the first of the cross-
country afternoons
and with downhill starting
next week. I would like to
thank Heath Matheson for his excellent organisation of this extensive
extracurricular program and also the parent volunteers who assist with the
The school is moving forwards this term with a wide range of facilities
upgrades. We have already installed 25 new computers into Room 12 and
have added power and data for 25 more in Room 5. The top dressing of
the soccer pitch is well under way with topsoil donated by AGL being
sifted and delivered next week.
Our solar energy system has been fully
approved and the orders written and the plans for our trade training centre  
have been drawn up and are
being revised, prior to tendering.
addition several ‘Pride in your School’ projects are underway including
lockers, computer desks, carpet, driveways and paths and energy efficient 
Course counselling for Year 11 and
12 students began
this week. Any
parent who wishes to be present at the counselling is encouraged to
contact the General Office to make an appointment. I would strongly
encourage families to pencil in a trip or two to Melbourne for the Tertiary
Open days in August. Students can see what is involved in a wide variety
of University and TAFE courses, as well as view accommodation options
in Melbourne, Bendigo, Canberra, Wagga, Newcastle….to list just some
of the exit destinations of our graduating students.