The Mountain Ear
    Term 4 Issue 36   December 5th 2003
Our year 7 students for 2004 spent Orientation Day at the College on Tuesday. The wide smiles on most faces suggested that students found the day interesting and fun. We look forward to the students joining us next year. While their children explored the school and settled into some classes, parents received information regarding our year 7 program and were given a tour of the school. We trust all parents who attended found the session informative and worthwhile. Any parents not able to attend, and who would like to discuss their child’s attendance next year, are invited to contact Rhonda Gargan at the College.

Today is the last day for Year 10 students, and for those other students aged 15 years, who have provided a written parental note specifying that they have arranged employment. All other students will begin an end-of-year activities program on Monday. The program is a balance of subject-based and other alternative activities. Parents are asked to support us in our attempt to provide a worthwhile end to the school year for our students by ensuring attendance for the entire program.

Our music students have been working hard through Band Week in preparation for our annual Concert tomorrow evening. We are sure the evening will be as successful as have been previous concerts. All parents, students and members of the wider community are invited to join us in the Stadium, beginning at 7.30pm.

This year’s Presentation Evening will be held in the Community Centre on Monday 15th December,

Fri   5 Dec	- No students required at school
		  Report Writing
Fri   5 Dec	- End of Year Music Concert
Mon   8-16 Dec  - End of Year Program
Wed  10-12 Dec  - VYDP Camp
Mon  15 Dec	- Presentation event
Wed  17 Dec	- School Picnic- Reports issued

beginning at 7.00pm and concluding at 8.30pm. Again all members of the community are invited to join us in celebrating the many significant successes achieved by our local College and our students. We are extremely grateful to the many businesses and community organizations whose generosity in donating awards has made the presentation possible.

Ray Waller,  Principal


This Friday 5th December at 7.30pm at the Stadium. Tickets: $10 adults, $20 families, $7 students/pensioners.


Unit Name                                        Task and Due Date
EN08 year 8	          Spelling and short story write up  wk 8
EN09 Year9	          wide reading & various books	
EN10 Year10	          wide reading & various books
LOTE  Year 7	          Vocab. Lists for 5 mins, 3 nights per week, tested weekly
LO01  Continuing Indo.	  Vocab. Lists for 5 mins, 3 nights per week, tested weekly
LO03  Intermediate Indo.  Vocab. Lists for 5 mins, 3 nights per week, tested weekly
LO05  Advanced Indo.	  Vocab. Lists for 5 mins, 3 nights per week, tested weekly
MA Years 7-10  Maths	  Weekly Mathsmate sheet due each Friday
SC10 Chemical Change	  Homework sheet 3   25/11
DR01 Into Scripts         End of year program
Yr7Art                    Ceramics, Art in Newspapers,  21/11
Yr7Art                    Signwriting  28/11




Students (other than year 12 students) who exiting the school must fill in an exit form available from the General Office.


Best decorated House & Business. Best decorated house receives a $50 local business voucher,
Best decorated business receives a $50 donation to charity of their choice.
Mt Beauty & District Chamber of Commerce is again running a competition for the best decorated house and business.
The competition covers Mt Beauty, Tawonga and Tawonga South - this year we are giving the public a chance to vote on the best decorated house and business with voting forms available from the Post Office and Mount Beauty Supermarket. Residents can nominate themselves, a friend or neighbour and return the completed forms to the Post Office.
Nominations close Wednesday 10th December, judging will take place Saturday 13th December and winners will be announced at Carols by Candlelight on Tuesday 16th December.


The school ski team raffle tickets need to be handed in to school either on Friday (the office will be open) or first thing Monday morning. The raffle will be drawn Monday afternoon, so get those books in before then!
The Secondary College will hold the annual Presentation Evening on Monday 15th December at the Community Centre from 7.00pm - 8.30pm.


Williams have a promotion between 28th December 2003 to 15th February 2004 related to their school shoe range. They have an extensive range of all black shoes suitable for school and if you purchase them during their promotion period you are put into a draw to win $10,000. At the same time the school is also put into a draw for $10,000. A display of the range of shoes is available through Williams the Shoeman and is pinned to the noticeboard outside the General Office.


Please take this opportunity to mark your calendars for a great family fun day happening in the Kiewa Valley on Sunday 25th January 2004, at the Dederang Reserve. The fun starts at 6pm and all Kiewa Valley families will have free access to bands, bush poetry, jumping castles, clowns, animal balloons, face painting, neck massages, whip cracking demonstrations and heaps of other free entertainment. Look for the flyers and posters out soon. For more information: Esther Trustum 0260 289 361 or (at work) 02 60 514243


Beach Camp
Four sunny days, leafy sea dragons, sea kayaking, boogie boarding, zebra fish, surfing (mainly falling off - but some standing up), treeclimbing, huge bull stingrays, night walks along the beach, snorkelling, climbing wall challenges, 11 armed starfishes, jetty jumping and lots of time in the bus!

The inaugural Year 8 & 9 beach camp, organized by Mrs. Bellingham, was a great success. An early start on Monday saw us arrive in the early afternoon at the Merricks Aqua Camp on Westernport Bay. We quickly unpacked into the dormitories and then it was straight into ‘Introductory Snorkelling’ and ‘Beach Exploration’ – tight wetsuits caused quite a few interesting facial expressions and much jiggling of legs and arms. By the end of the day all students were confident snorkellers, including duck diving several metres down below. That evening a torchlight beach walk was organized and the camp staff gave a talk on water safety and the theory and practice of ‘equalising’ air pressure in your ears when snorkeling at depth.

The next day saw one group head off excitedly for surf school in the morning, while the other group practiced their canoeing/beach games skills, with the afternoon reversing the activities. Learning to surf was great fun, even if the waves were small, with the East Coast Surf School instructors ensuring that all students learnt to catch a wave ‘almost’ like an expert.

On Wednesday morning the groups took on treeclimbing and orienteering at the camp site. A massive cypress pine was the treeclimbing challenge with both an introductory and difficult ascent path. The camp also had three graded climbing walls that pushed

even our most athletic climbers.

Wednesday afternoon saw everyone walk 3 km through the bush to Bushrangers Bay for an afternoon of boogie boarding, beach games and sand burials.

The water was cold but that didn’t stop many intrepid boarders from enjoying the wave action. In the evening we were presented with a slide show of underwater life both from the many international dives undertaken by the camp staff and also of local sealife that we could expect to see the next day. The camp staff also tried hard to reassure students that shark attacks are actually quite rare, but students still seemed a little wary the next day!

Thursday was another beach day, traveling to Flinders Pier for our ‘advanced’ snorkeling and sea kayaking. Water visibility was great and students were excited and captivated by the amazing scenes encountered. The underwater life at the pier was exceptional, with many fish species, starfish, sea dragons (like seahorses) and above all a 2-3m long bull stingray that repeatedly glided along the seabed and around the jetty pylons – a truly magnificent creature. For those with energy left over there was a final jetty jumping experience, then it was onto the buses and a long trip home.

Kelli and Simone heading out for a paddle around the pylons.


Please note: Book selling day is on Friday 23rd January 2004, from 10.00am - 1.00pm.




NB: Gilberts Ghost Train is the year 8 book not Foxspell as was mistakenly printed in last week’s newsletter.

The following books will be used again in 2004 so can be purchased secondhand.

Year 12	No Great Mischief
	Insight Outcomes
Year 11	Henry Lawson’s Short Stories
	Only the Heart
Year 10	The Gathering
Year 9	Deadly Unna
	The Blue Feather
Year 8	Gilberts Ghost Train
Year 7	Boy
	A Bridge to Wiseman’s Cove.
Students must make individual arrangements as the College does not operate a secondhand book stall.
Ellen Sadler


The Gathering
Maths Mate Homework Program Year 10
All brand new
Phone: 0412 787 434


Drum Kit Percussion Plus in very good condition. $450 ono. Phone 0427 031960


Annual General Meeting 2003. The Mt Beauty Junior Football Club is having its AGM on the 9/12/2003 at the Mt Beauty Country Club. Anyone who would like to become involved in junior football or have any ideas or suggestions are most welcome to attend.
Time: 7.30pm. President: G. Christie.


Saturday 6th December
9.00am - 1.00pm
Held in the gardens. Interested stall holders -phone Bev 03 57 544097


Year 10 text - Tyro Year 10 Maths Link Phone Sharon 0402 508 381


Saturday 6th December
121 Kiewa Valley Highway
12.00pm onwards
Children’s books, novels, bikes, gym equipment, trampoline, clothes, ski gear and much more.
Phone 57 541 111


Summer school dress size 14 White school shirt - large Both half price. Phone Wendy Furphy on 57 541 111


For Tawonga Caravan Park. Phone Nola on 57 544 428 Any age group considered.


Secondhand Computers for sale
The school has 18 obsolete PC’s for sale. All machines are similar in specifications with Pentium II 233 MHz processors, 6-8 Gb hard drives (2 with 2Gb), 96-128Mb RAM, Soundblaster sound card, keyboard, mouse, floppy dive, most with CD Rom.
The computers come with Windows 98, Norton Anti virus but no applications. All computers are sold ‘as is’ with no warranty.
Box only (no monitor) $80
Box with usable monitor $100 (may have colour problems)
Box with a good monitor $120 (no known problems)
Please contact the General Office if you are interested.