The Mountain Ear
    Term 4 Issue 37   December 17th 2003
I am sure the entire community will be thrilled at the wonderful successes enjoyed by this year’s VCE students. It is simply amazing that 40% of them achieved a university entrance score in excess of 80! I am confident that these results would place our school in the ranks of the highest-achieving schools anywhere in the state. My sincere congratulations go to the students and to their teachers on such a wonderful result.

I will be taking leave next year. In my absence Tony Valente will be Acting Principal, and Bob Flower will be Acting Assistant Principal. I wish them well in their work.

I wish all students, parents and staff a safe and happy Christmas holiday period.

Ray Waller,  Principal

The Staff, School Council and Students would like to wish Ray and Heather an enjoyable long service leave next year.


Last Friday was the finale for the School Bands for this year. The concert was enjoyed by all starting off with some music from the training band playing Bandroom Boogie and Rockasaurs Rex. Following on from this the audience was entertained by singers - Krystal Eldridge, Rowena Policha, Kieran Gregory and a Vocal Group of Melanie Blake, Alison Braidwood and Keiran Gregory singing Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy which was a real hit with the audience.

The Wind Quintet and Saxaphone Quartet .....

Wed  17 Dec	- School Picnic- Reports issued
                  Last day of Term for students.
Fri  23 Jan     - Book collection day
Wed  28 Jan     - Staff resume duties,Curric.Day
Thur 29 Jan     - Students resume school -
                  Term 1 begins
Mon  16 Feb to	- Year 7 Buffalo Camp
Wed  18 Feb
Thur 19 Feb     - VYDP Day - Mt Beauty
Tue  24 Feb     - House Swimming Sports
Wed   3 Mar     - OMDSSA Swim Sports
Tues 16 Mar     - Parent/Teacher Interviews
Thur 25 Mar     - 9/10 Interschool Sports Day
Tue  30 Mar     - 7/8 Interschool Sports day
Tue  30 Mar     - VYDP Day - Corryong
Fri   2 Apr     - Term 1 ends

performed some great songs with the Stage Band providing entertainment at interval.

The Senior Concert Band and Combined Bands played after interval with the Combined Bands being supported by the singing of the Community Choir and the Intermediate Band for the grand finale of ‘I am Australian’.

The Band would like to thank all the helpers over the year and wish everyone a Merry Christmas and safe and Happy New Year.

Thank you to the following businesses who have supported the band during 2003;
Tawonga South Store
Mount Beauty Post Office
Kiewa Valley Foods
Mount Beauty Chamber of Commerce
Mary and Bob Jones
The Uniting Church, Opportunity Shop, Mt Beauty.
We are very grateful for your support.




This year’s group of year 12 received their VCE results this week. All students were successful in gaining their VCE certificate. Collectively the students have achieved the best results for some time. Eleven of the 26 students received an ‘Enter’ in excess of 80 which places their achievement in the top 20 percent of the National results.

At the Presentation Evening the Jessie Hollonds Scholarships valued at $800 were awarded to eight students. This scholarship is awarded annually to eight year 12 students who intend undertaking Tertiary Studies.


The 2003 MBSC Dux was awarded to year 12 student Alison Gargan. Alison’s 99.25 ‘Enter’ score is an outstanding achievement.

Alison hopes to gain entry in to Physiotherapy at Melbourne University.

Whilst Alison was very gracious at the Presentation Evening acknowledging the contribution her teachers made in supporting her efforts, she was an exemplary student throughout her VCE studies.


Year 12 students should ensure that they make any alterations to their VTAC preferences before December 22nd at 11.00am.


Look out for an exhibition of painted gum leaves at the Information centre from the 26th December through to the 31st January. Some students have created outstanding art works!


Please note: Book selling day is on Friday 23rd January 2004, from 10.00am - 1.00pm.


Students (other than year 12 students) who are exiting the school must fill in an exit form available from the General Office.

Above - Hey you up the front - paddle harder!

Right - See you 70km downstream!

Nine eager students, two teachers, a glorious sunny day and a trailer full of canoes – a recipe for two days of paddling fun. Starting at Cumberoona Reserve in Albury, the 2003 canoe trip was launched after a last visit to the only civilized toilet for a while!

Sean Ryan, Joel Van Gastel, Jaide Roubicek, Carolyn Matthews, Paul Van der Ploeg, Natasha Eldridge, Teagan Whitehouse, Michael Thomas and Philip Bellingham all expertly paddled the first leg to lunch at Sheather’s Road, although Sean and Philip were a little late in arriving. Teagan had an interesting time on the bank (about half the time in the river) and Sean somehow thought tieing the canoe to a piece of bark was sufficient – Joel managed to rescue the drifting canoe after a quick sprint and scramble down the bank.

Afternoon tea was on John Tirrell’s property, with Paul Incani, our support vehicle driver, looking very relaxed with a line in the water and a chair in the shade – unfortunately no bites yet – a tale to be repeated often. Philip and Sean were the last to arrive, but this time Sean had learnt to beach the canoe.

The afternoon haul to Barnawartha was long, with a few swims to beat the heat. The cliffs at Barnawartha were the highlight with many mud swallow nests this year. Sean and Joel were the last to arrive, and after erecting tents in a clear area, tea was gratefully consumed. Much hilarity around the campfire was followed by some sound sleep from quite a few tired students. The next morning a compulsory ‘wake me up’ swim brought several comments concerning ‘spanner water’ – something to do with tightening nuts up? Philip had a large redfin follow his spinner in to the shore but no hookup – that was as close as it got in the fishing department.

The morning highlight was a bank jumping swim at the ‘gravel island’, and then morning tea at Gehrig’s Winery. Sean and Natasha were the last to arrive. Soon after, it was a swim at the ‘mud bank’, with curiously, Sean being quite keen to get here early. The boys delighted in rolling in it, sliding in it, wriggling in it, and generally wallowing in it. Paul Van won the style award but Sean definitely won the wallowing award!

Lunch was at Doolan’s Bend Reserve, where a delightful kingfisher fished for us. Paul Incani had a campfire going and instant noodles was on everyone’s menu. Sean was the last to arrive.

The last leg to Howlong passed quickly and with some relief, although Jaide was overheard to say ‘ It was easy’, the canoe expeditioners landed at Howlong Bridge. Surprisingly, Sean was the last to arrive. After a quick clean up and packup we were on the road heading back home. A soft bed, a cold drink and a proper toilet was all most could think of as home was reached.


Learn To Swim
Applications close on Thursday Dec. 18th. Forms available at pool.
Extended pool hours over summer are:
Weekdays	7-9am 1 - 7pm
Swimming Club	5.45 - 6.45pm
Weekends	12 noon - 6pm
The Secondary College held the annual Presentation Evening on Monday evening. The night was a great success and the Staff and Students would like to thank the following sponsors who have been very generous in their support of the Presentation Evening and the College.
Alpine Valley Real Estate
R.S.L. Mount Beauty Branch
Mount Beauty Rotary Club
Victoria University
C.W.A. Tawonga Branch
The Alpine Shire
Mount Beauty Medical Centre
Falls Creek Expo & Trade Fair
Mount Beauty Pharmacy
Upper Kiewa Valley Lions Club
Birkebeiner Nordic Ski Club
Alpenhorn Holiday Units
Mount Beauty Bakery
Mount Beauty Chamber of Commerce
La Trobe University
Bogong Moth Motel
Southern Hydro
Falls Creek Resort Management
Jessie Hollonds Scholarship
Alpine Massage and Health
The Lauren Sauervein Scholarship
Congratulations to the following students for receiving awards;
Dux for 2003 - 
Alison Gargan

Jessie Hollonds Scholarships-
Alison Gargan
Catherine Gargan
Mark Van Der Ploeg
Evan Van Der Ploeg
Lachlan Hill
Tom Randell
Derek Gentile
Rowena Policha

Lauren Sauervein Scholarships -
Bonnie Dellora-McNally
Mark McInnes
Key Learning Areas -
Health & P.E. - Julia Mitas
Science - Simon Flower
English - Grace Stripeikis
The Arts - Natasha Eldridge
Technology - James Hamilton
LOTE - Neil Van Der Ploeg
Maths - Carolyn Matthews
SOSE - Kelli Prime 

Encouragements -
Year 7 	- Phoebe Thompson
	- Sarah Simpson
Year 8	- James Hamilton
Year 9 	- Natasha Eldridge
Year 10 - Julia Mitas
Year 11 - Aaron Cantle, Latham Deans

Excellence -
Year 7	- Stacey Begg, Stephanie Hedt
Year 8	- Carolyn Matthews
Year 9  - Simone Short, Serena Sommerville,
          Danelle Edmondson, Hannah Little
Year 10 - Lauren Sutherland, Greg Matthews
Year 11 - Laura Stripeikis

Skiing -
Neil Van Der Ploeg
Paul Van Der Ploeg
Simon Flower
Phillip Bellingham
Campbell Townsend

Subject Specific Awards
Year 7
Chris Short - Maths, Science and Technology
Amelia Connors - Maths, Science and HPE
Jessica Lithgow - Science, Arts, HPE
Darcy Little - Science and Technology
Lucy Denniss - Maths and English
Hayden Sullivan - Maths
Jamie Tasker - Maths
Leon Davey - Maths

Year 8
Jack Carter - Maths and English
Paul Van Der Ploeg - Technology and HPE
Ryan Jackson - Maths
Jaide Roubicek - Science
Naomi Saalfield - Arts
Beau Schmager - Arts
Jack Woolley - HPE
Gherrie Ross - HPE
Michael Hill - HPE
Maggie O’Keefe - Technology

Year 9
Sian Van Gastel - Maths and HPE
Natasha Eldridge - SOSE
Rebecca Shegog - SOSE
Miranda Jenkinson - English
Liana Lee - Arts
Alice Bellingham - Science

Year 10
Sally Flower - English
Melissa Gentile - Technology
Liam Panazzo - HPE
Neil Van Der Ploeg - Science
Jasmine Lee - Arts




As part of the activities program last Monday some students visited Alpine Radio 92.5 FM and found out about the fun that can be had behind the microphone. Bill Sutton, also known by his radio alias of Whiskers, made them feel very welcome. Soon, Simone Short and Marty Taylor were ‘interviewing’ Robbie Williams over the air.....well just practising in the training room really. Andrew Grusovin showed a very cool side to his voice and Robert Turnbull and Adam Edmondson were not keen at first but once Bill showed them the ropes they found it fun! Sean Ryan is an old hand at the radio game now, having had several weeks experience with his show ‘Laxative for the Ears’ that he presents during the school term with Alice Bellingham. Sean passed on the benefit of his experience and can spin the CD’s with the best of them. Sian and Joel van Gastel and Michael Thomas joined in for a while before being whisked away for the sound check for the Presentation Night. The students really enjoyed the experience and some of them have gone home with presenter’s handbooks.

Anyone and everyone are welcome to become part of the Community Radio. It provides a great opportunity for young people to be part of the community and gain some great experience in the technology of communication. They say that 20per cent of all media jobs started with the experience of amateur and community radio.

If anyone is interested in becoming a presenter or just part of the fun contact Cathy Gunn at school or Alpine Radio 92.5 on 5754 4554 or pop into the station at Hollonds Street next door to the ANZ bank during the holidays and say hello. You are welcome at any time.


There will be two markets in early January.
New Year’s Day Special
9.00am - 1.00pm
Saturday 3rd January
9.00am - 1.00pm

Stallholders Welcome
Contact Bev on 03 57 544 097


1st Prize
Chef Electric Wall oven, Gas Cooktop (LPG Kit included), and Slideout Rangehood package Value $1700 Donated by Michael’s of Brighton

Winner - Julia Mitas

2nd Prize
2004 Falls Creek Season’s Lift Pass. Value $1049 Donated by Falls Creek Lift Company

Winner - MitchTurner

3rd Prize
2004 Falls Creek Resort Entry Pass Value $210 Donated by Falls Creek Resort Management

Winner - Deb Crawford

4th Prize
6 x 4 Trailer Tarpaulin (PVC with reinforced hems, Stainless Steel Springs & 8mm spliced ropes) Value $200 Donated by Old Brighton Grammarians Footy Club

Winner - Hedt Family

5th Prize
2004 Nordic Ski Trail Pass Donated by Falls Creek Resort Management

Winner - A. Bellingham

Thanks once again to our amazing prize sponsors for their generous donations for the raffle. The majority of the loot has been counted and so far we have raised over $1000 dollars, which will go toward funding student’s expenses for ski competitions in 2004. If you have won any of these prizes and have not been contacted yet, please phone Matt Moon at the school (5754 4005) to organise collection of your prize. Thanks also to all those students who worked hard to sell the tickets and to the local businesses who supported the cause!