The Sixties
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1960s boys baseball 1960s boys baseball 4 1960s boys baseball 5
1960s boys cricket 1960s boys cricket 2 1960s boys cricket 3 1960s boys cricket 4
1960s boys football 1960s boys football 2 1960s boys golf
1960s boys golf 2 1960s boys golf 3   1960s girls basketball
1960s girls hockey 1960s girls hockey 2 1960s girls hockey 3 1960s girls hockey 4
1960s girls vigaro 1960s girls vigaro 1 1960s girls vigaro 2 1960s girls vigaro 3
1960s girls vigaro 4 1960s girls netball 1960s girls softball 1960s girls softball 2
1960s girls softball 3   1960s mixed athletics 1960s mixed skiing
1960s mixed tennis 1960s mixed tennis 2 1960s mixed tennis 3 1960s mixed tennis 4
1964 school opening 1964 school opening 2 1964 school opening 3 1964 school opening 4
1964 teaching staff 1965 mixed swimming 1966 boys baseball 1966 boys cricket
1966 boys cricket 2 1966 form 6 1966 girls hockey 1966 girls softball
1966 mixed golf 1966 mixed ski team 1966 mixed tennis 1967 girls hockey
1967 girls hockey 2 1967 girls vigaro 1967 girls softball 1967 mixed golf
1967 mixed skiing 1967 mixed sports 1967 mixed swimming 1967 mixed tennis
1967 teaching staff 1968 boys football 1968 boys golf 1968 girls hockey
1968 girls vigaro 1968 girls netball 1968 girls softball 1968 mixed prefects
1968 mixed skiing 1968 mixed swimming 1968 school panorama 1968 teaching staff
1969 first aid team 1969 art students 1969 boys football 1969 girls netball
1969 girls netball 2 1969 girls softball 1969 magazine committee 1969 mixed swimming
1969 mixed tennis 1969 teaching staff 1969 boys cricket 1969 girls hockey